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How to Join

Members join American Mensa, Ltd., either through prior evidence (old test scores) or through testing, which is usually done locally but which may be done anywhere in the country. Here is the American Mensa, Ltd., information on joining Mensa. Once you are accepted and have paid your membership dues, you will begin receiving both the Mensa newsletter produced by and for your local group (with the month's activities, etc.), and a national newsletter called Mensa Bulletin (which is in a glossy magazine format, professionally produced at our national office).

Local Testing
Our local testing program has approximately one testing date per quarter (see Calendar link for date and time). The location changes from month to month, but is often at a local college or community center. Please email Sandy Halby for the latest date and location. General information about the Mensa admissions tests (what to bring, the cost, etc.) is available at the Mensa Admission Test site. You will need pencils, identification, and your testing fee on the day of the test ($60 as of July 2017).

Admission via Prior Evidence
Mensa accepts the scores from many other tests in addition to our own. The current (as of July 2017) evaluation fee for prior evidence of qualification is $60, but for the most up-to-date information, check the Prior Evidence section of the Mensa Testing Information page.


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